Giving Back to the Community

In the past, philanthropy was never notified as a major component of Alpha Nu. The idea of philanthropy has changed within the Alpha to accommodate the needs for individuals who need our help. College students, like ourselves, have the luxury of being in a situation in which we may not need much help to survive. Giving back to the community provides each member a new look on what type of organization we truly want to be.

At Chi Psi, we have a required ten-hour minimum of community service for each member. To help each member reach the required ten-hour minimum, we recently have been involved with multiple volunteering opportunities. We have established a great connection with Second Harvest Heartland and Habitat For Humanity ReStore Center. 

At Second Harvest Heartland, we handle food by packaging the items in boxes so men, women, and children from areas around the world can be offered a meal. At the ReStore Center, we help by moving and organizing all the materials and merchandise the store offers to customers.

Each spring, we hold our annual Lodgeball tournament. Lodgeball is a dodgeball tournament that is held to help raise money for Relay For Life. This year we raised over 600 dollars, and we look to increase the number of participants each tournament. Lodgeball is a major philanthropy event that includes the work of all members to successfully accomplish.

At the Lodge, we take part in Relay For Life during the spring. Each year our goal is to raise the most money for Greek chapters. 

We all look forward to increasing philanthropy to help the community in which we live in. Our alpha is excited to hold, and be a part, of more philanthropy events in the near future. Philanthropy is a new element that allows each member to realize the positive effects it has on multiple people.