Our History 

Chi Psi Fraternity has a strong presence at 32 colleges and universities across America. At Chi Psi Fraternity we take the idea of brotherhood to heart and to the fullest extent of its capabilities. It is with this spirit that today we look back at our Alphas and our past with extreme pride, and await the future and the exciting change and advancement it will bring. 


On May 20th, 1841, Chi Psi Fraternity was founded at Union College in Schenectady, New York. The 8th fraternity founded in the United States and the 5th at Union College, Chi Psi was unique, being the first fraternity to be founded upon principles of brotherhood and as a social fraternity. It is this spirit of innovation that has allowed the brotherhood and fraternity itself to remain to the present day, and to create its unique perspective on the world of higher education and Greek societies.

Chi Psi Firsts

Chi Psi Fraternity gets its nickname, Lodge, from the first fraternity house built at the University of Michigan in 1846. The fraternity house resembled a hunting lodge. Lodge plays a role in every part of our undergraduate's college experience, ensuring that the undergraduates reach the highest level of accomplishment and success. 

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